Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tiny Daffodils

These tiny daffodils reached a towering three inches. Perfection comes in all sizes.

    One of my biggest dreams, besides having a place where I could work and have all the space I needed, was to draw coloring books and have a quilting frame. Lately, I haven't been drawing as much as I should and I'm still waiting for a quilting frame to just spontaneously materialize in my sewing room some day.  But, I've been very busy realizing a dream come true and now that I have that place to work, hopefully, in the coming months, things will only get better. But, for today, just a touch of sunshine and a small reminder to myself that it might be a small success... but it sure is a beautiful success


  1. I love daffodils! They're the best for brightening up my dining room table - but even prettier in their natural habitat. Beautiful photo! More please!