Sunday, May 20, 2012

Texture of Life

I took Little Pink Camera out looking for textures.

I've been reading Symmetry and the Beautiful Universe by Leon Lederman and Christopher Hill.

Suddenly the two bespoke each other in the confines of my mind......

...... and the synchronicity ....... serendipity ....... symmetry .......
the texture of life emerged


....and then suddenly,  smooth sailing,  which we all know causes stress because we guiltily await the fall of the other shoe.

Have you ever had one of THESE days???!! The rude cabbie or bus driver, the inconsiderate clerk, a waitress who doesn't care if you get hot coffee or not, the tax auditor. Ah, the list of annoyances could go on forever.


Then come these days....we've all had these days, too

Brighter Day

And so the texture of life leads this way
Across the trail and through the valley
Up the other side ....and up
 and up


  1. beautiful images and most beautiful words from the voice of the singing swan.

  2. LOL - the "Annoyance" image cracks me up! All those little spots of bright in the midst of spiky foliage; when I look at them I can almost hear them shouting, in a "Thro the Looking Glass" garden kind of way (not pleasant). Their voices are high and squeaky and I just know they're gonna poke me if i get too close.

    Anyhoo - all is well! Lost my email account when hubby accidentally deleted it. All of my precious contacts (including yours!) vanished into the ether. Fortunately there are other electric avenues. Try this one;