Monday, September 10, 2012


     All around me I have gifts; the gift of a new computer and mouse, the gift of new/old table, the gift of some berries from a friend's harvest, the gift of a new/old camera, the gift of gab and laughter when friends visit, the gift of a new day. But the most important gift of Plain, simple, unconditional love.

Katie Rose All Grown Up
    Usually this is something I feel I get from my animals, especially my Katie Rose. She loves me just because I'm hers. And, of course, I love her 'cause she's mine. I called my Rottweiler, Pierre, one of my heroes because he never met a stranger. He was always glad to see you and always showed his happiness. He was there for me when others didn't have the time or inclination. I try to be like that. It's a hard row to hoe that dog left behind for me.

Pierre` Is Trying To Ignore This New Intrusion
  Trying to follow the example set by my critters is harder than you might think. Giving of yourself without expecting anything but happiness in takes practice. I've had to learn to overlook it if someone forgets to say thank you as long as there's a sparkle of happiness somewhere along the line. But, recently, I've learned I have that kind of love from people, too. I've learned over the years not to trust people. They always have their best interests at heart, not yours. People don't know how to give of themselves the way a simple animal does.

Love Is a Good Snuggle
      Well, I think I am just a bit wrong about that. I know my daughter loves me because I'm hers. I love her because she's mine and that's enough. When I discovered, truly, that other people love me just because I am's one of those things that makes you cry happy tears.

     I am so uncertain what my future holds, but it's gonna be okay because I have family. They are not of my blood, they never knew me when I was a child, but they are my family and they are the greatest gift I've ever been given.

They Love Me Because I'm Theirs and I Love Them Because They Are MINE!!!


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  2. Hello "my" friend! So glad we found our way to each other across this vast universe! You know I always wish you well, warm, safe and happy!