Friday, January 4, 2013

BOOM Shaaka Laaka

Hi all

Just to catch you up, as if most all five of you don't already know, I have jumped in to the technological era with both feet and find it rather daunting. I now have Internet that moves at the speed of sound, light is still a bit faster...I think.

I have the noise of television and traffic, dogs barking and roosters crowing, and Internet that moves at the speed of sound. Oh, wait, did I say that already? Well, let me tell ya, it can change the whole way you see the world and is worth a second mention. Probably even a third one as well.

My daughter has BOOM in her vehicle; a gift from her husband for Christmas, and you'd think he gave her a diamond tiara or something instead of a couple of 12 inch sub-woofer speakers the way she's so tickled about it. After riding in her car and experiencing this phenomenon for myself...I can't say I blame her too much.

Did you like the loud concerts back when? Did you want to stand as close to the speakers as possible and feel the vibrations when your favorite rock band took the stage? This is so much better that she really should charge a fee and take people for a ride like they do in hot air balloons.

 It rearranged my molecules. They say those who listen to classical music improve their mathematical ablitites or have better abilities..something of that nature. After having one's brain cells rearranged from the mathematical vibrations of BOOM, dreams even become something of an experience as well. Daily thoughts become transformed and it's much easier to Achieve a State of Euphoria simply from the memory of motion.

 The evening I experienced this for the first time, I actually vibrated for the rest of the evening. Truly. It was akin to the sensation one experiences when you spend the day standing in the surf and still feel the motion after you retire for the night. I know this to have happened because upon awakening the next morning, before I was even coherent in my mind, I was aware that my body was no longer vibrating. Awakening to a world that was relatively still was as exhilarating as being dispersed in the clouds.

  It took my breath away and made me aware of nothing but my own insides...every organ I was aware of, and I know exactly how many blood cells I have because I could count each one. I could have walked through walls. My molecules were vibrating so much I really felt like something from a science fiction movie, like there was enough space between each of my individual cells so that if I wanted, passing through a wall would have been possible. Maybe at least a screen....something with bigger spaces.

I have tried over the years to stay as current with music as I can. I still like the old stuff but I'm just as likely to be jammin' with my grandson and listening to some of his heavy metal (which is NOTHING like I remember!!!) and my daughter is always finding new and different artists. I'm glad she has such a great appreciation of music and literature.

 And I'm really glad she has a great husband who spends a bit of time thinking about the gifts he gives her. He made her very happy and that's something we all want to see our children have --- happiness. And not only that, but her brother would just love it and I know he'd be buggin' her to take him places just so they could BOOM!!!! And I'm jellyus...I'll admit it.

My lousy radio won't even play a tape and sound decent and BOOM is out of the question. My car has a lousy paint job and I'd vibrate the rest of the paint right off of it. Good thing I can hum and keep myself amused.

And, needless to say, now that my molecules have been rearranged by music ...well.... life will never be the same and I can't say I mind. Time for a sea change anyway. So, I suppose I'll try a different direction for a while.

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