Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kittens Are My Heroes

I have a cat and I named him Seven. Actually his full name is Bond, Cat Bond 007. About a month ago he, yes HE - - brought home a tiny kitten. I have determined it couldn't have been more than six weeks old. It's little ears were still folded and it was soooooo pitifully malnourished. And I determined it was a boy.

After three days it was finally able to sit up and eat from his dish on his own, and after a month, I have nicknamed him Holy Terror of the Floor. He is becoming an important part of the family and well, we all know there's nothing like having a 'kitteh' around to make you smile.

What made Seven think that bringing him here was the thing to do? I know he had to have carried the little mite here because the kitten was so weak and small it could never have climbed the steps to be where I found it. Seven even marched into my room, which he never does, and demanded my attention that morning. He knew I would care for the baby.

He has become a marvelous 'daddycat' to the little wild critter and is slowly teaching him all the necessary cat things he needs to know. Scientists and people in the know always tell you how most animals are not self-aware, but I would argue vociferously with that belief. My cats and my dog recognize themselves in the mirror, and Seven must be very self-aware and understand that humans care for you or he would never have brought the kitten here, right??

And he must have been aware that the kitten needed help and food. Where better to get that than where the human is? The baby was too small to eat a mouse or a bird, although it was so hungry and thirsty that it might have tried. It didn't even have teeth enough to crunch a kibble, so, eating fresh kill that Seven could have provided for the critter was out of the question.

I just find it amazing the things animals can do and people never give them the full credit for their intelligence that they deserve. Just think about it. If you were grabbed up by HUGE!!  alien life form, taken into a totally different environment than what you were familiar with, accosted with noise noise noise!!! how would you react?? Could you just take it in stride and get on with life the way a kitten does???

 Ripley never cried for his lost mama, he loves when Seven comes to spend time with him and he is even developing a fondness for his human captor. He is almost strong enough to be introduced to climbing a tree and Seven seems more than ready to teach him all the hunting skills he'll need to get on in life.

I can only aspire to be as brave and face life like my kittens do, without fear an an attitude that would make Genghis Khan cringe :)  It can't get any better than that!!

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