Thursday, July 21, 2016


Well, folks, all four o'ya, I've gone and done it.

Gave in. Capitulated. Became a follower, one of the masses.

- - - - -I opened an account with Facebook. - - - - -

I want to convince myself it's for all the right reasons, business mainly; but still, I have this feeling of invasion now, as if I have opened the floodgates for strange people to know odd things about me that they could care less about.

And how will I feel if I never sell the first item? What if I am to be a starving artist all my life?? Does this, in some manner,  grant me noteriety after I'm gone?? Hmph .. worked for some, but I'd rather make a dollar now.

I haven't the first clue about what I'm doing either. Surprise!!

Well, really, it's hard enough to keep up with my keys and my shoes and yet Microsoft and Co. expect me to keep up with a new operating system every other day.  I'm supposed to already know what all these codes and breaks and odd usages of marks like < and * and ^^^ mean. They mean something wierd and cause my confuser to become even more confusing.

Yes, Google is my friend and Mr Bing comes around often aiding in my pursuit of knowledge, but good grief! ! When you have to go all the way back and learn language to express concepts that are full blown in your mind already, it just takes more time than I feel I have. I am getting on in years now and if Mocrosoft would stop STOP!!!!! making changes all the blasted time it sure would make my Golden Years nicer.

And as for Facebook, it looks alrmingly simple when I go to the starting part, but then I read this and I read that and I start to get a brainache and OOOOOhhhhh!! Where did I leave that notebook and pen?? 'cause at this point I have a lot of words I gotta look up. Thank heavens for Webster and his love of words and language. I can't imagine the imagination it took to forsee the need for a dictionary, but I am ever so glad he did!!!

So, between Webster and Crayola and Shapies galore I am preparing to hit the ground running. Gracie and Peabody  have finally settled down for a nap since they feel their future is a little more secure. They have been clamoring for their story to be told and causing a bit of unrest with the rest of the gang. Can't have them clamoring for attention all at once. People look at me funny when I don't answer if they speak to me,  but when I tell them I was listening to the voices in my head, well, folks can get a mite suspicious then. Start thinkin' maybe you be ready for The Home.

Not yet.

What I am ready for is to share with the rest of you folks the stories these characters are telling me all the time, to make them bocome as real and lively to you as they are when they carry on with these escapades within my brain cells. I want Fern Village to become a place you'd like to visit, a place where all the cares and worries of reality can be left behind for the make believe life of Grace and Peabody. There are many residents in Fern Village and I 'll introduce you to them all.

I hope you'll come along for the ride, as soon as I get this horse saddled :) :) :)

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