Monday, July 25, 2016

On Aging.... Again

There's a reason old folks get dementia --- it's so we don't have to learn anything else in this lifetime.

I graduated from my schoolin' years ago and it makes me mad that every time I want to do something with a computer or on-line ... I have to study and learn something new.

Now, there are those that would tell you that this is a good thing and keeps the brain cells sharp and cognitive and all, but let me tell ya, it doesn't do a thing for your hairstyle. But!! It could be the reason that "bed-hair" and "fresh-out-of-the-shower" hairstyles are so popular these days. And it does get me out of having to comb my hair every day - just whip it up into a tangled knot with a clippie and nobody knows I have been in tears from the frustration of learning code or how to navigate a dashboard page. I look normal and not dememted.

Well, that crazy look in the eye might give it away ... and the pacing and cursing about odd subjects in a foreign language. And the bald spots on my head a clippie can't cure. But when you see me walking past with a little cloud of  &^%)(&%?>^%$%^&  and  #***@@***##  floating over my head you'll know not to approach without a cup of coffee in hand or a net. Chair and a whip is a little drastic, but depending on how demented and frustrated the study session has left me today, you might wanna keep them handy.

I did read an article this morning that says I am not anti-social, I am uber smart and for this reason I am happy in my own skin and don't always need to seek companionship or excitement with friends. The article didn't say anything about how to make others understand that it's my intelligence and not my dementia that makes me wander around with a far-away look on my face and muttering under my breath about Faeries and Little People.  Or how to let them know that I need to be rescued from the characters scurrying through my thoughts. They have some interesting conversations that only I am privy to, but when I try to bring up the same subjects with my human 'right-here-right-now' friends, they aren't interested.

Little do they know. The voices in my head carry on better conversations than they do!!!!!! But--(they don't know code) and  if I'm so darned smart, then why doesn't this stuff just blosssom in my brain?? I could dream it into existence there and it could be a reality here, but life doesn't work that way. Sleeping on the book does not inmpart knowledge to the brain so I suppose sleeping on a laptop will not teach me to write code either. Drat!!!!!!!!

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