Friday, September 9, 2016

A Tale of Fern Village

Good morning all.....

I love sayin' that knowin' that I'm mostly talkin' to myself here. Ah, well, ya know sometimes the written word can help us put our thoughts in order.

I've been a bit AWOL (true to form, ya know) but I have been busy. Doing what?? you ask.

Growing roots to my computer chair. Apparently this is necessary if one wants to have an online presence. It's no wonder our younger generation has the phone attached to themselves somehow. It's all just a bit much for me. I come from the generation of 'party lines' that did not involve a political candidate and computers a big as houses that had to have holey/holy/wholly???  cards to work. I always wondered about the folks who had to make those cards. Bet they stood in line a long time to get that job.

That's right on par with the little fellows who have to put the stickers on fruit and stamp the em's on M&M's. :) There are harder jobs in the world than trying to sell your own imagination.

But, in case some random stranger happens this way or in case one of you would actually like to go have a look, I have posted a photo book of my latest imaginations on Shutterfly and you can go have a 'look-see'.

The Shutterfly site is easy enough to navigate, especially for those of you who know what you're doing  ... but all you have to do is find the words 'photo book' and click. Then you can view the book in all it glory.

But can I just tell you how blond I felt when the first person to look at this pointed out to me that I didn't put my name on it anywhere. I sign my art always, even silly doodles, but I totally forgot, in the excitement of getting this project finished, to sign my name on it --- anywhere. How foolish is that??? But, I have crowed loud enough and patted my own back long enough that ya'll ought to have it figured out by now that Gracie and Peabody live in my braincase. Mine!!

And sometimes the racket those folks in Fern Village make can be overwhelming. And Grace will NOT be quiet sometimes until the story is written. Bossy cat.

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