Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flattery or Sincerity??

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I understand this concept, but when I see a copycat it also makes me want to smack somebody and ask them if they've ever had an original idea of their own. Probably not. This season's line-up of movie remakes is proof of that.

 I, too, am guilty of being a copycat because some folks just come up with great ideas and I can't really improve on them. I can customize, but not improve. I can complain about the parts I don't like, but that probably wouldn't result in an improvement for anyone but me.

And when folks think you've done a good thing but you think it's G-R-E-A-T!! then what?? You want to shout it from a rooftop but everyone is just going to stare at you and tell you to get down from there before you hurt yourself. Personally, I like the rarefied atmosphere at high altitudes :)

I put a lot of thought, effort - blood, sweat and tears - into some of my creations. Others are effortless and seem to come into existence full grown. No matter how, they all give me a sense of satisfaction, of a job well done, a sense of completeness and accomplishment. (Yes, please ignore the bald spots. The doctor said my hair will grow back if I quit pulling it out!!)

It is this feeling I should strive to keep in the forefront of my thoughts as I share the things that make me so happy. It's too bad I can't attach this bubbly sense of euphoria that others can't see or feel --  it might make you light-headed anyway.  The baldness is not contagious  :)

So, I have had a harsh lesson. No matter how grand your accomplishment might be in your own brain, others just aren't going to see it that way, no matter how loud you crow, nor how high the roof-top nor how bald your head. They are still gonna tell you to get down from there before you hurt yourself.

Okay. I'm down. Now, please tell you have more to say than 'cute'. Cute is for babies and puppies and kittehs. Cute is not what I want to hear after I've spent weeks  ....WEEKS.... creating something I'm very proud of.

My daughter tells me this is the most I can hope for. Cute is THE ultimate compliment -- especially when partnered with an exclamation point. I don't own a cell phone and she informed me that giving an exclamation point took more effort than just a typed comment. After this discussion (yes -- she is still dragging me into the 21st century and I am still kicking and screaming) I came to the conclusion that getting anything more than a heart or a fisted thumb was probably equivalent to shouting from a rooftop.

Which brings me to think about what this generation is truly missing. Eight track tapes, typewriter ribbons, and imagination. When was the last time you made mud pies or built a playhouse from boards and cinder-blocks?? Even hide-and-seek is losing popularity these days. And a puppet show?? Do you know how to make a sock puppet??

I do. And I don't really mind if your form of flattery is imitation or if the most accomplished review you can make is to say "Cute" .. just don't forget the exclamation point. And don't expect me to come down from the roof any time soon.

I like the view from here!!   Exclamation Point!!!!!!!

Bubbly Euphoria

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